IFQCC 2020 Oxford

“Disparities in cancer care”

The International Forum for Quality Cancer Care (IFQCC) 2020 will provide a platform for interested parties and entities to collaborate in improving the quality and safety of cancer care across borders.

The Forum is organized by Cancer Care Commission, Oxford, UK, in collaboration with major international and regional leaders in health care delivery sciences and a strong interest in oncology related disciplines.

You are invited to join globally renowned experts to discuss disparities in Cancer Care and participate in identifying potential strategies to alleviate variation and address the imbalance.

Objectives of 4th IFQCC, Queens College Oxford, 4 &5 of April 2020:

  1. Discuss the types and magnitude of disparities in cancer care including prevention, therapeutic or palliative care and the impact of patient outcome
  2. Share the experience of existing initiatives to close the gap and assure equitable cancer care in various settings. Disparities in cancer care is not limited to poor developing countries.
  3. Present recommendations that address the disparities in cancer care.