CR Medical

CCC has a partnership with China Resources Medical . China Resources Group, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a key state-owned enterprise. As of 2016, China Resources Group’s total assets reached 1098 billion, turnover of 492.7 billion, and operating profits of 48 billion. There are 10 subsidiaries listed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. China Resources Group is one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, ranking 80 in 2018. There are 107medical institutes affiliated to CR Medical , which located in the major areas of China, such as Beijing, Northern China, Eastern China, Middle China and Southern China and provide multiple and comprehensive medical services including clinical treatment, healthcare management, public sanitary, and integration of medical and healthcare. There are 5 Grade Ⅲ hospitals, 18 Grade Ⅱ hospitals, and 32 Grade Ⅰ hospitals, 52 community institutions, with over 10 thousand beds in operation. The annual outpatient visits is nearly 250 million people, and the annual inpatient visits is over 8 million people.

CCC has established a partnership with CR to develop and enhance its Cancer Care services throughout China. CCC is in the process of agreeing a future strategy with CRMedical, which will map out a Quality Improvement programme for improving oncology services throughout the CR network.