What we do

Developing a Cancer Strategy is complex and requires a deep understanding of future possibilities for cancer care within the context of:

  • Increasing global burden of cancer and patient expectations
  • Advances in treatments and prognosis
  • Complex healthcare environment with different stakeholders and models for decision-making globally

Cancer Care Commission will review the following Critical Success Factors in your organisation

  1. Science
    • Do the latest advances in science translate to improved diagnosis, treatment and care delivery?
  2. Care pathways
    • How are care pathways continuously evaluated and updated?
    • What are the benefits of second opinion and referral to leading UK cancer centres?
  3. Healthcare delivery
    • Do you use multi disciplinary teams to ensure current best standard of care?
    • Do you use agreed treatment guidelines?
  4. Value and outcomes
    • Is the latest evidence based thinking being applied to deliver  excellent clinical outcomes?
  5. Organization and business model
    • How will your organisation need to be positioned in the short, medium and longer term to deliver a cost effective cancer strategy?
    • Does your IT support work?
  6. Training & Education
    • How will you guarantee the quality of your workforce and accredit your organisation’s cancer centre?

Cancer Care Commission will develop and support your organisation by providing:

  • Accreditation of cancer services from world class secondary and tertiary facilities
  • Best in class service benchmarking against global standards
  • Access to world class oncology consultancy team and experts to truly “turn around” your cancer care division
  • Validated SOP’s and treatment protocols
  • Validated accreditation system
  • Multidisciplinary team working
  • Second opinion and referral to Oxford Faculty