Queens College, Oxford

Yes, the International Forum for Quality Cancer Care is back ……at Oxford University, on 4th and 5th April 2020. Participate in another excellent conference with globally renowned speakers, discussing the key cancer topics of the day…….watch this space for updates. GET IT IN YOUR DIARY !

CCC in China again…

Calum Kerr, along with Dr Fred Sun were welcomed to CR Huaibei Hospital to discuss the support and development required to meet the needs of the hospital, as well as deliver some key lectures.

Calum Kerr’s name in lights at Huaibei hospital !
Calum Kerr and Dr Fred Sun at the hospital
Meeting with the Oncology and Radiotherapy team
No, not Morecambe & Wise or Laurel & Hardy but ……Kerr & Sun 😉

Accreditation support visit to Wuhan

Calum Kerr and Dr Nidhin Raj performed a clinical and operational assessment of Wuhan No.2 hospital at the end of May, in preparedness for their assessment in Autumn of 2019. Dr Raj commented that, “, It was a pleasure visiting the Wuhan No 2 Hospital. I see great potential…”

The assessors observed an MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) in the Oncology Department.






Calum Kerr also took the opportunity to present the Cancer Care Commission short Oncology course certificate to the team who had visited NHS Oxford the week before.

Wuhan colleagues visit Oxford !

As part of our CCC Education and Development Programme, colleagues from WUHAN came to NHS Oxford Cancer Centre on 5th May, to experience Cancer Care in the U.K. The clinical staff took many ideas and practices back to Wuhan No. 2 Hospital. The staff are pictured with Mr Calum Kerr, Executive Director and Prof David Kerr , President of CCC.

Chairman Fu Yuning witnesses historic CCC signing ceremony

Chairman Fu Yuning took time out of his busy international schedule to witness the signing ceremony between Cancer Care Commission, CRMedical Oncology Centre and Wuhan no.2 hospital. Calum Kerr stated “CCC has been commissioned to introduce a Quality Improvement Accreditation Programme, in association with CRMOC into Wuhan No.2 Hospital in the Hubei Province”, he added “This is the expansion of the CCC Accreditation process in China, it is an exciting time for us and we will be keeping the impetus moving forward”.


CR University visit

Calum Kerr of CCC was honoured to visit the pleasant, calming surroundings of the China  Resources University Campus in Baiyangdian District. Calum said “The facilities and atmosphere at the Campus are ideally suited to facilitate a first class learning environment”

Great news for Cancer treatment in China.







Cancer Care Commission (CCC) fully supports the Chinese Government’s and National Cancer Centre’s (NCC) strategy to make cancer drugs more affordable to the general public. CCC participated in the UK Trade Mission to China in association with NCC, where this aspiration was highlighted. CCC President, Professor David Kerr stated “This is a major step towards addressing the burden of cancer in China. This decision is to be applauded.”


China approves 17 anti-cancer drugs for medical insurance coverage

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has approved 17 anti-cancer drugs for inclusion in its national health insurance system, the government said on Wednesday, part of its efforts to make cancer treatment more affordable as the number of cases increases.

China’s State Medical Insurance Administration has been in negotiations with domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies to lower prices and put more cancer drugs on the list of medicines eligible for reimbursement.

China’s cancer rates have been soaring, driven by growing numbers of over-60s, heavy smoking among men and exposure to pollution. The National Cancer Center said last year there were 4.29 million new cases every year and 2.81 million deaths.

China has vowed to improve the five-year cancer survival rate by 15 percentage points by 2030. The rate stood at 30 percent in 2015.



Delegates and Speakers at IFQCC18, Oxford.

Here are a few photos of speakers and delegates at IFQCC18, Keble College, Oxford:

The last panel discussion with Dr Tricia Woodhead, Dr Fred Sun, Dr Dinesh Pendharkar and Dr Jamal Zekri, bringing the Forum to a close.

Professor David Kerr, Dr Alex Eniu, Professor Michel Coleman and Ms Pennie Taylor, asking questions of the speakers.

Professor Abdul Rahman Jazieh, Professor David Kerr And Mr Calum Kerr of Cancer Care Commission pictured with Chinese delegates , including speaker Dr Fred Sun from CR Phoenix and Yanhua Hospital, Beijing.

Damascus to Keble

Zahira Fahed and Maha Manachi were welcome guests at Cancer Care Commission, where they presented a Poster

Zahira Fahed and Maha Manachi from Damascus meet Shadow Cabinet Secretary, Miles Briggs at CCC IFQCC.




Poster presentation at the Conference

Jim Howley of Amgen (Main sponsors of of IFQCC) appraises some poster presentations.

Zahira and Maha exploring Keble College